These are a few activities to activate your own personal responses to the short fiction we have discussed. Get those creative juices flowing interpret the stories exactly how you read.

Atwood Can you write a scenario relevant to 2020? There are a lot of elements you could cover, a pandemic induced romance or a Tinder date gone wrong. In a hundred words or less, write a scenario using Atwood’s techniques.

Carter ‘The Company of Wolves’ appears to be what fairytale character? How is virginity seen as powerful for this character? AND In ‘The Courtship of Mr Lyon,’ Why do the two characters of Beauty and Mr Lyon fall in love? Discuss themes of purity.

Machado What is the importance of the colour green in ‘The Husband Stitch’? How does it contribute to the young girl’s characterisation?

Colour Me

These are original colouring in pages based on the text’s authors. Three to choose from, take your pick!