We have all bought a book (or many) which sit on our shelves as an ornament. Let me be the first to admit that. The books begin to pile up, they make you feel guilty. You think – why did you spend all that money on books you are yet to read. The chance will come that you will tackle them all. You simply have to start small, build your way through that personal library.

An open letter to those who have stopped reading, broken their habits or simply, prefer to do other things as distraction comes in many forms. You have come to the right place within the internet sphere, whether you consider yourself an amateur reader or perhaps are too selective in your reading material. An online book community can be the solution to ease back into reading through short fiction. Let Nook Books help you to prioritise the act of reading. It is more valuable than you think. Media contributes to the belief that reading habits are both valuable yet extinct. Digital media has shifted how traditional processes operate, particularly in regards to publishing. Readers are discouraged even before they are able to start. The motivation to read is crucial. It seems obvious, however, self-efficacy is not as common in everyday reading practises. We shall motivate each other through this platform. Afterall, reading is a social act.

Literary culture – typically consumed in print form – is undergoing a transition as mediums continue to modernise. This is where digital technologies step in, where Nook Books calls for the reading slump to end and where you follow suit. I will guide you through three authors who will provide a fantastic basis for discussion.

Even with your library of books, do you know what your pick of genre flavours are? To work out what you prefer is half the battle, is it romance, young adult, science fiction or horror… Genres categorise books, some cannot remain in the one lane, so to speak. Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter and Carmen Maria Machado all write feminist masterpieces, which dip into romance and horror most of the time. However, they experiment with form as much as they do with genre. An entry point for us readers.

To the pieces we are yet to read – thank you for your patience. We look forward to uncovering the fresh perspectives you have to offer. Not to mention, the relatable characters we plan on falling in love with. The lack of linear plotlines to reflect reality despite being fictional. We want to see the real in fiction, even in fantasy. We chose you, short fiction

to renew, educate and socialise.