Round two of reviews

This semester is flying by, we’re up to our second set of peer reviews already, SHOCKING!

I’ve decided to focus on Jonathan Pica’s @j_creates and Mikayla Stott’s Factobites. Two creative digital artefacts offering different approaches to getting their content across.

I’ll start with j_creates. Firstly, it was a pleasure to scroll through such transcending photography. As a follower, it is immediately engaging through its aesthetic and relevant content.

Click below for Jonathan’s Beta Pitch:

As Jonathan discusses, j_creates is a platform for personal “experimentation.” Its main purpose – to share with fellow photographers and fans of the “craft”.  

Iterations & Development

The shuffle between Instagram and VSCO provides two differing feeds for users to engross themselves in. The page also functions as an active portfolio. Jonathan’s aim was to post to @823 and @hopesdreamsclub, now to a personal Instagram page. This is beneficial in engaging solo followers, rather than possibly getting lost within a collective. I suggest, to re-post on these pages as a form of promotion.

The technique to change captions from quotes to personal accounts is much more connective. This allows users to understand Jonathan’s processes, skills and his own story-line. The creator’s open invitation to be a part of the development is far more welcoming than secondary excerpts. In saying this, a mixture of primary and secondary captions would work well to induce users’ relatability without interrupting any iterations.

As mentioned, the need to post regularly would generate more feed interaction. Scheduling is the key to getting through that hurdle, the use of Later is a great idea!

Sharing video content is always handy in gaining traction. Using Reels or YouTube links in the bio is a way to encourage users to play on one’s page. Perhaps, a post and its caption requesting users to act; watch new content. Instagram Stories offer another way to gauge users. Such an enjoyable project, look forward to seeing more content, Jonathan.

Now to Mikayla Stott’s Factobites, a TikTok dedicated to educating users on the FACTS. The simple yet entertaining account leaves users scrolling for hours, a true testament to its creator. Who doesn’t enjoy a fun fact on a regular basis…seriously, though…


death by elephant sounds pretty good right about now 🥴 #vodka #elephant

♬ original sound – Factobites

Here is her revised pitch:

Iterations & Development

Knowing your audience is what makes a page successful, which Mikayla definitely does – time poor young people. The regular posting and engagement is evident through the amount of likes received, hundreds and thousands of people wanting to know that Russia ran out of Vodka after WW2.

Mikayla uses a formula for her video content, categorising the facts being delivered and prioritising TikTok as her platform of choice. The shift from news commentary to random facts is exactly why users are finding the page so DARN enjoyable! The shift was made early, #FEFO is truly beneficial to any project.

Asking followers what they want to see gives them agency to be a part of the page. The ask and reward system for users gives purpose back, which is a great technique of Mikayla’s. The categorisation could extend to  – different yet already established –  #trends on TikTok. Of course, still relevant to giving facts. For instance, if it was International Coffee Day, you could post facts about coffee. This is all determined by what is popular on TikTok.

Another winning project to get you through the semester. Thank you, Mikayla!

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