Any beta?

The update on my project, @nook_covers is outlined in the following video link, please click below. This is my original pitch if you wish to compare the pair.

Following class last Thursday, I researched Deviant Art and the options to create book covers for Kindle Direct Publishing. However, the covers were quite genre focused (particularly, sci-fi & fantasy). This encouraged the branding for @nook_covers to develop further with the main focus being design rather than photography or other forms of real-life imagery. Deviant Art was an incredible source which I won’t completely rule out.  

Society6 is where I want to stay in terms of print production. Instagram acts as the main platform for promotion and content engagement. A dictated page solely for all things –  books! Engagement has been consistent over the past week, as outlined in the following screenshots:

I’ve learnt it is important to post daily with a request or question posed within the caption of the post. Stories are also a great way to creep into a person’s daily feed. Not all users see posts due to the ever changing Instagram algorithm. Although, users frequently watch stories as a carefree way to engage.

Story example

My next steps are to diversify my Instagram content, including lifestyle shots as well as book recommendations. Book cover designers simply post their works, like Joan Wong. I do think it’s valuable to have those “in-between posts” to encourage brand interaction.

Let me know what you think via my socials!

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