Hello peers, let’s review!


Nicole Papadimas or @_nicolepap is an artist who runs her small business – The Framed Collective with clear direction and brand awareness. The Framed Collective has already made sales using Instagram, Facebook and Etsy to promote her designs. Nicole’s pitch presented a concise plan for her project, including the decision to include herself in the aesthetic of the brand. This was polled via Instagram stories which was a great way to utilise the platform.

Concept, Methodology and Utility

The concept of The Framed Collective was pitched effectively by Nicole, however, the many platforms of choice could present with some difficulty. The various platforms assist in supporting the brand’s visibility. Nonetheless, narrowing down the focus to 2-3 will allow Nicole to specialise her product to its market audience. The New Yorker (2019) claims TikTok is “the last sunny corner of the Internet” as it is mostly light-hearted. As Nicole discussed in her goals, she can focus on promoting her brand on this platform.

Content creation based on art and lifestyle within video form can capture attention. By cross promoting across Instagram and TikTok, The Framed Collective can gain great social presence. Time lapse clips of art are soothing and have that addictive quality, which Nicole can take advantage of through TikTok and Instagram: Reels. TikTok relies heavily on hashtag use which Nicole already does on Instagram. Maintaining social presence can be done through keeping in the loop with the latest hashtag trends.

Like @_jesslambert_, whom was mentioned in Nicole’s pitch, illustrating onto other materials is a creative way to expand the product range. For instance, @yasodalicious_mandelas designs on cakes or @theblankcanvasprints makes colouring books. The development of product range could be assisted by RedBubble rather than Etsy.

I look forward to seeing more of Nicole’s artworks throughout the course of her DA. Check out her incredible work via the links below.


MOOD stands for Music Online Open Discussion, a podcast created in collaboration between Julia Belikova and Athena Tomaras. After listening to the first episode and engaging with the girls’ Instagram, I love the tone of their DA, very casual, great meme use and immediately engaging.

Concept, Methodology and Utility

Although, I do think MOOD could develop further with the use of Spotify. Most people rely on others for their playlists, hence the potential to grab listeners through interaction between creator and consumer. Each episode could be released alongside a playlist. Spotify playlists offer more than users expect, Preston Avery (2018) coins them as “virtual mixtapes“, here is his guide on creating successful playlists. Avery argues Spotify does most of the “legwork” in regard to playlist promotion.

Utilising Instagram as mentioned in both pitches will establish a following and community for MOOD. When I think of music lovers, I think of merch and wearing it with pride. Another feature of the brand could be creating merch for memes created and weekly artists (with copyright in mind).

In terms of methodology, MOOD could expand across YouTube with potential live sessions or use Instagram for all that it offers. Live stories could allow for honest engagement in real time. Whether it be BTS or interviews with local talent.

I enjoy a good podcast and cannot wait to hear future episodes! Click the links below to check them out yourself.

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