Nook: An Illustrated Book Guide

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Draft logo for brand development

I aim to establish an artist’s account on Society6 (or Redbubble), selling my illustrations which can be carried over to a series of different products. I’ve only ever been a customer on Society6. I’m beginning to learn the behind the scenes.

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As print-on-demand websites, your design is uploaded and then printed onto a product once bought. Society6 uses key words associated with your design to attract buyers. This categorisation is fundamental to gaining an audience.

I’m looking for book addicts who read Jacqueline Susann to some classic Jane Austen and Dystopian expert, Margret Atwood. Also, I want to throw in a bit of Sci-Fi (hello, Stephen King).

I follow @fictionmatters on Instagram, she recommends books on a daily basis. I am hoping to spin that book club approach to include illustrations of original book covers and character interpretations.

Using this 4 step process will simplify the approach as developed in my pitch.

  1. Design
  2. Upload
  3. Promote
  4. Maintain

[Here are my slides if you missed them in the Youtube link above.]

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What do you think? Let me know via my socials. 

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