You can steal my starfish if you want?

You’re a Marine Biologist desperate to build your aquarium (theme).

Full of starfish. Imagine the colours…

Stealing Starfish is a game more Spongebob-esque than Nat Geo.

It’s a simple game with a small set of rules (mechanics)

  • 4 players minimum
  • Ages: 8+
  • Each player gets a randomised tank card
    • similar to Connect 4 with collecting same colours (same species of starfish)
  • Not sure of aim/goal of the game just yet
  • 4 colours; species > 6 per species

We made a Google doc to share our ideas, click here to see.

For our prototype, we played with a deck of cards. We made a key to set aspects of the game (see images below).

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 7.05.04 pm

Through playing the game, we continued our process of creation.

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 6.40.46 pm.png


1.     Research All of us
2.     Detail theme / illustration Dylan
3.     Rules; mechanics Floyd
4.     Marketing Sophie
5.     Research production Shania
6.     Presentation / slides Louis

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