Compare the pair

Here’s an update of my research project…

My idea has changed based on what films to watch. I will compare The Little Mermaid (1989) to an Asian animation. I have changed my choice of Spirited Away (2002) to Princess Mononoke (1997). The context of both animations is closer together as well as the latter involving a princess in the storyline. I haven’t seen Princess Mononoke and as for The Little Mermaid, it’s been a while – since my childhood.

Live Tweeting will be my data collection. Heewon Chang (2016) focuses on the importance of turning one’s data into autoethnography, despite how ‘random’ the data may appear. Chang’s advice is to keep ‘memos’ during the “initial reading and listening” process. The tweets will act as memos as I engage with the texts.

During my autoethnographic experience; watching the films, I intend to look for the following:

  • The female characterisation will be my main focus
  • Themes within the storyline
  • The role of a princess in the animations (West vs Asia)
  • The actual animation, how it differs due to context and place

The search for cultural themes within the process of autoethnography is highly important. Chang uses the example of being raised in a family where education is valued, and how that reflects the process of autoethnography. Watching these animations, my own values and beliefs with stem through the process of data collection/tweeting.

Diagram of Culture

Following data collection and watching the films, I plan to make a short video comparing key scenes of the films with a voiceover of commentary. This video will then be embedded into my blog with tweets and discussion to accompany.

I’m going to watch/live tweet next week! Feel free to follow my project’s progress on Twitter.



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