We’re all participants!

You’ve just finished a great book. It’s gotten a lot of hype on a mass scale, so then it is made into a film. From the film, a soundtrack is made. Now, you’ve read a book, watched a movie and listened to a soundtrack but the engagement with that text doesn’t yet end. From there, a game is now being developed with an app to follow. Along the way, this text has gained and perhaps lost ‘fans’ with their interaction with each medium. As a form of convergence, this text is no longer just one. (Lord of the Rings, amrite)

As a result of media convergence, we’re now left with a string of possibilities to choose from in regard to medium. In today’s context, a book, movie, soundtrack and game can be all within the one device – your smartphone. The technology being your smartphone, the audience being the fans and the industries being inclusive of publishing, film and gaming.


Media convergence allows the users and fans to become more and more active. Due to this, audiences are no longer passive. To use Lord of the Rings as an example, the fans continue to create and share content across all media platforms, especially Twitter

Are you totally obsessed … with media convergence?


  1. Great work Soph! Wish it was a tad longer was enjoying your thoughts on media convergence. The meme was fantastic, very punny!! Maybe a more detailed explanation as to why LOTR has been able to be converge on so many different media platforms. Awesome work!


  2. Hello Sophie! This is a brilliant post. It shines a light on how the convergence of fandom across mediums has allowed for a simple and amazing novel like LOTR to become a fully fledged obsession that I must admit to fall victim too. Explaining this concept through something as simple as how an audience creates fan content after the movies and novels has been out for years. I wonder wether or not more franchises will do the same with the rise of audience participation, for instance what look how the Deadpool movie got made. I look forward to more posts from you!


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