So it begins…

I think I have an idea. It involves me, a needle and thread and Instagram. Let’s hope it works.


Embroidery as an art form has rapidly grown over the years with the emergence of social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest (@sarahkbenning being my favourite!) I figure, why not jump on the bandwagon.

I’ve always done it as a hobby and more recently started to share a few of my ‘works’ with my friends and followers on Instagram. I plan to create pieces and publish them online, using the relevant hashtags and linking them here.

It will be called ‘sophiemaykes’ and this is my logo (please don’t think I’m horrible at spelling, it’s just that my middle name is May). I might also share things that I create, not limiting it to simply embroidery works.


I look forward to sharing my stuff with you! If you have any images you want me to re-create with thread, tweet me @sophemacy.

I’ll end with a relevant meme:




  1. Soph, I really love what you’ve created here!! I was so excited to see that you’re also a fan of embroidery – I myself have always enjoyed this secret hobby and I think it is so great that you’ve put a modern touch on this traditional art form (and how good is @sarahkbenning ?!?!?!?). This project is very unique and a great way to combine something you love with the visual platform of Instagram. I’m also so impressed with how fast your page has gained traction – I think my artefact could really benefit from some tips from this professional!!

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