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My intention for this piece; ‘Peep Hole’ was to establish a sense of intrigue within my audiences’ minds. I wanted to force my viewers to question my ideas about Fairy Meadow whilst asserting their own. My short composition invites interpretation. In a literal sense we can understand someone being watched or followed, however we see no people. I intentionally avoided people physically being within my piece as humanity is often lost when it comes to how we treat our natural world.

The distorted, trembling effect proves how uncertain our morals can be in the face of mass consumption. The large sign is centred to emphasis the semiotics that constantly surround us in our day-to-day lives. Notably, the sign demonstrates a school nearby, thus alluding to how education is necessary for the betterment of our ever changing world.

The graffiti filled pole illustrates the flaws within society as materialism grows and capitalism remains. The symbolism of the nuts and bolts and the lock and chain displays how at times society can feel containing. Ultimately, this piece focuses on the idea of how ‘someone’ is constantly following us whether it is society or actual people. Fairy Meadow embodies this concept as it continues to develop.

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