Sorry, did you say pie?

Of course it matters who ‘owns’ the media. However, it’s a lot more complicated than one simple answer or a matter of only one entity owning the media as a whole.

Immediately, I think of the Murdochs (all of them), Gina Rinehart, James Packer and so on. What defines the media though?

Basically, it is a range of mediums used to communicate on a mass scale. The idea of mass communication, made possible through television, radio, newspapers and THE INTERNET. 

giphy (10).gif

Many of the large corporations have pieces of numerous pies, creating quite the crumble (so to speak). As highlighted in SBS’ Ricardo’s Business, it is a ‘tangled web’ as shares grow and change constantly with different trends. Rupert Murdoch’s piece of the pie is a big one, he has many types of pie. Okay, perhaps this analogy isn’t working.

Basically, Rupert Murdoch exceeds anyone’s expectation of ‘boss mentality’. Murdoch is in ownership of Australia’s largest leading media company, News Corp Australia. News Corp Australia is in control of approximately one hundred and forty two newspapers including The Daily Telegraph and The Australian and at least thirty magazine titles across Australia, including Vogue. Murdoch has placed no restrictions to just ‘legacy’ media but also online media with interests in, and Television, another interest of Murdoch’s as he owns fifty per cent of Foxtel, an extremely popular network provider in Australia. You would think he has picked at all the pieces of ‘the media pie’ but no, Rupert Murdoch has too invested in 21st Century Fox. So movies, too! With such a global presence, it’s difficult to compare Murdoch to anyone else.

Although, there is also Gina Rinehart, a multi-billionaire who is linked to mining and media, a strange concoction but works for her with the label of “the richest woman in Australia”. Since 2010, Rinehart has invested in the Ten Network and also has established a sense of control over Fairfax Media. Fairfax Media consists of digital, print and radio, ranging from The Sydney Morning Herald to your Daily Weather mobile app. It controls media platforms both in Australia, rurally and in metropolitan areas as well as in New Zealand.

It becomes a battle of News Corp versus Fairfax Media or Rinehart versus the Murdochs or even the Packers. The large companies always have an agenda whether it’s political, social or cultural, agendas exist. We must ask the question of bias, who is constructing our news?

My suggestion is – be aware of what you’re watching and who owns it. All we can do is hope that the ‘media moguls’ remember morality whilst eating their pie (tip: watch ABC or SBS if worried).

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Note: Feel free to click on each image for a link to where I found it!




  1. Feeling so interested reading this post! Both of your meme that you chose are really interested, actually, the second once, it’s so funny and I laugh a lot after seeing this :), but they still attractive. The way you explained is easy to understand, and after read your blog I can clearly understand about this topic. I love it when you wrote, “Okay, perhaps this analogy isn’t working.” Moreover, your suggestion is also great, and I agree with this. You also gave too much strong and real evidence to explained your words. Simple but effective!
    Great work! Keep it up!

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  2. This post provides a fantastic overview of the landscape of media ownership in modern Australia. You give a great degree of detail across the board, without necessarily needing to go into too much detail about one owner in particular. Highlighting a potential conflict between Fairfax under Gina Rinehart & News Corporation is an excellent angle to approach the issue of media ownership from; however, I would like to see more elaboration on the issue of the ‘agenda’ you mention in your second-last paragraph, as this would link nicely to ideology and how these two seemingly opposed forces in the media could & do impact society. You do leave a very good final thought in advising the audience to be aware of the content they watch, which leaves me wanting more information.

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  3. Hey Sophie,
    I really like your blog, and I enjoy reading your opinions on various matters. You always have catchy titles, and a style of writing that is easy to read and engaging. I agree that the major companies always have an agenda, and that we should be constantly aware of what we are reading and hearing. I wasn’t aware of how much Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart actually owned of the Australian media market (and overseas), until I sat in that lecture. Reading your post about the companies that they own or are involved in really reinforced the idea that I need to be aware of their motives. Also, I liked your analogy!
    I can’t wait to read your upcoming posts, keep it up!

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  4. Hey Sophie,
    Just love this blog so much! Your writing style is extremely charming and I had to keep scrolling down for more. Where did you get those two memes?The last one is epic. It’s great that you’ve done a lot of research in these two magnates as I’ve learned more from your blog about Murdoch and Rinehart and how powerful they are in the media industry. After all, they are human beings and have their own opinions so it’s inevitable that what is broadcast will carry probably a one-way argument. You’re right! The only way to keep ourselves from being engaged to thinking in one point of view is to help ourselves by using media smartly.
    Anyway, your blog is awesome so keep up the good work!

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  5. The memes and puns were really funny and a great way to keep everyone engaged. I also liked that you used examples of specific media owners so you could point to the numerous outlets that they owned, rather than just assuming everyone knew that this power existed. It would be nice to add the obvious ground effects of those people owning a lot of the media, as there are distinct and interesting arguments to be made that they misinform or misrepresent facts and also can sway people’s political opinions. Obviously this is extremely hard with a word limit but a link to another story, such as , or to stick with your theme a link to a meme, like could give opportunity for people to further their knowledge.


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