Why am I here?

Why am I here? I don’t know, if I’m completely honest.


It’s a difficult question to answer as I’m still trying to figure out who I am (excuse the cliché). When I think of university I think of Rory Gilmore and how she rocked that leather satchel filled with books, but in reality Gilmore Girls is just a television show (#GilmoreGirlsRevival) and leather satchels hurt your shoulders.


So far, University has been a delight (I say this only two weeks in) but seriously, so much better than high school. I’m already planning exchange and wondering which clubs to join.

My life is quite complicated at times. I work on and off with an odd schedule and random pay checks. I have learnt to savour my money despite the existence of online shopping (bookdepository.com) which makes me so grateful for my degree in Communications and Media for the lack of textbooks. This is what I’ve learnt two weeks in.


5 Things I’ve Learnt (thus far as a new university student)
1. Use the shuttle
2. Prepare food and drink
3. Take all the carpool opportunities that you can from your driver friends
4. Find a relaxing place to go during those long breaks between classes (Uni Centre)
5. Celebrate everyone you meet, both strangers and old friends

I had a mixture of anxiety and excitement before the 29th February (first day of university #LeapYear) but as I went to my lectures and sat in my tutorials, getting to know new people and learning new topics of conversation, I realised I was where I’ve always wanted to be.6358733073270665831728216054_breakfast-at-tiffanyx27s-audrey-hepburn-quote-Favim.com-607224

I’m at the University of Wollongong because someone once told me it’s the happiest university in Australia and because I want to learn about the things I love (Game of Thrones #BCM110) and work out a potential career.


Talk to you soon!

Note: Feel free to click on each image for a link to where I found it!

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